Belle Magazine, Feb/March 2018

We are thrilled to have our Prima Penthouse in the 'Belle Smart Spaces' feature of the Feb/March edition of Belle Magazine, particularly given the high calibre of work showcased across this essential publication. Prima Penthouse is one of the final projects from Fitt De Felice, begun in 2014. It's very rewarding to have a project that was very special to our practice receive some acknowledgement. Thanks to Tanya Buchanan, Harry Roberts and the team at Belle for being so generous. Thanks also to Shannon McGrath once again for her superb photos, and to our fab clients, Nina and Walter Ripani. A great start to 2018!

SS_Belle February-March 2018 Cover_SML.jpg
Belle February-March 2018 Smart Spaces Fitt De Felice_SML_Page_1.jpg
Belle February-March 2018 Smart Spaces Fitt De Felice_SML_Page_2.jpg